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Vegan Food

What is Vegan Food?

If you are new to being a vegan, you may wonder what is vegan food. Of course, you want to adhere to a vegan diet, but it may be hard to do so if you don't know what vegan food is. Vegan foods typically don't include things that are made from animal products. For example, vegan food does not include honey or dairy. This includes sour cream, milk and cottage cheese. Gelatin is not considered a vegan food because it is made from animal parts. You may be able to find vegan gelatin, but you do need to be careful where it comes from. While it seems that there are many foods that are not allowed, there are many foods that are vegan food. Vegan foods include anything that is a vegetable or a fruit. This includes root vegetables like turnips and tree vegetables like olives!

What to Expect With Homemade Foods

When you buy homemade foods, you should know that it is different than buying processed foods from the grocery store. Processed foods from the grocery store are made in factories and facilities that are intended to make food products for the masses. However, when you buy homemade foods, they are made for the individual. As such, there may be inconsistencies in the homemade foods. Homemade foods are not mass-produced, they are made with human hands and so one product may be a little bit different than the other product. However, there is one ingredient with homemade foods that you will never get from processed foods, and that is love. The attention and care that is put into every product of homemade food can never be duplicated and a factory. Homemade foods will make a difference in your health and your happiness in your home!

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