Stuffed Conchiglie

STUFFED CONCHIGLIE, (or baked pasta shells )

Very easy and yummy and can be used with different savory dips from Emm Daniel (celery pesto, one of the olives, spinach dip), it only needs few ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen and is very easy to prepare:

1. Boil pasta shells according to package instructions stirring frequently

2. Stuff the pasta with one of Emm Daniel’s savory dips 
3. Prepare red sauce or alternatively use Emm Daniel’s salsa (or tomato chutney for a spicy option)

4. Put the red sauce over the stuffed pasta

5. Top with your choice of cheese

6. Put in oven till cheese melts

And there you have it a super simple and yummy recipe, ready in no time 😋

Stuffed Conchiglie

100% healthy WITH the amazing taste!

till September

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