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Quinoa Salad

Prep Time:

Cook Time:



About the Recipe


  1. Quinoa 

  2. Red beans 

  3. Corn

  4. Almonds

  5. Coriander

  6. Spring onions

  7. Black olives

  8. Pomegranate

  9. EVOO

  10. Salt

  11. Cumin

  12. Fresh ginger & turmeric

  13. Celery pesto or olive paste (black, green, normal or spicy)


  1. Boil 1 cup of quinoa and refrigerate once cool

  2. Boil 1 cup of cooked red beans (I usually soak mine and boil them rather than using canned ones)

  3. Boil corn

  4. Toast a bit of slivered almonds

  5. Chop coriander

  6. Chop spring onions

  7. Sliced black olives

  8. Pomegranate

  9. Mix all above ingredients

  10. Add EVOO, salt and cumin to taste

  11. And of course don’t forget to grate fresh ginger & turmeric - as I do to ALL my recipes 😜

  12. And now comes the exciting part ... what I love most ... the secret ingredient 🤫 add 2 big spoons of Emm Daniel’s yummy celery pesto or olive paste (black, green, normal or spicy)

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