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Natural Food

What Does Natural Food Really Mean?

When you hear the term natural food, what comes to mind? As a consumer, you may think that if you see the label natural food that it must mean that all the ingredients are healthy and natural. Unfortunately, this isn't the case, especially with processed food. When you buy food from the grocery store, and you see the word natural on the label, it can actually mean that there are many processed ingredients that are included along with natural ingredients. True natural food is made entirely of natural ingredients. True natural food should have no preservatives and no additives. In essence, natural food should be the kind of food that you could grow in your own backyard. The so-called natural food that you see in grocery stores isn't actually very natural at all. It may contain antibiotics, growth hormones and other things that are simply not natural at all.

Why Choose Preservative Free Food?

Have you ever wondered why food that is free of preservatives is so popular? Preservative free food is better than food that is packed with preservatives. The reason is that many preservatives are chemical and nature. They are not naturally occurring. Preservatives not only preserve the food, but they also add things to the food that are not healthy for us. This is why you should always choose preservative free food whenever possible. When you order from me, you can be sure that you are getting preservative free natural food that is healthy and wholesome. Preservative free food will need to be refrigerated because it doesn't have preservatives that will keep it shelf stable. However, the benefit of preservative free food is undeniable. When you are looking for completely wholesome and healthy natural foods, choose preservative free food!

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