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I was always known as the health guru among my friends and would introduce them to the healthy twist I took on most Lebanese dishes and have them taste them. My healthy version of garlic paste was such a big hit during our gatherings that they suggested I expand my healthy homemade cuisine and share my passion and knowledge with everyone. There began the journey of No Preservatives, No Additives, Gluten Free and Dairy Free products Homemade with Love! 100% healthy WITH amazing taste!
Not long after that, I had to decide on a name for my healthy products and found it only suitable to name my brand after my son Daniel: that is how Emm Daniel was born, or "Mother of Daniel". It was the perfect fit because it reflected the love and care I put in all my products!



One of the most enjoyable aspects of Emm Daniel is that I get to meet interesting people. I am honored each time I think that my products are playing a small part in enhancing their quality of life. With the inspiration I got from my remarkable customers, it wasn’t long before new ideas were added to the list, and that is how we got the Emm Daniel we know and love today! I have always had a passion for evolving and experimenting with healthy ingredients to come up with the healthiest version of a product without compromising on taste. I believe that eating healthy foods should not feel or taste like a compromise. This is why Coco Choco, the healthy alternative to chocolate spread, tastes exactly like chocolate spread. Thanks to the invaluable feedback I have received from my gracious customers, I have changed the recipe a couple of times to reach the desired taste while continuing to use healthy ingredients. It is prepared with no added sugar, no oil whatsoever, no dairy, and I have added chia seeds for their amazing health benefits. Emm Daniel’s Coco Choco is just one example. I invite you to try our other products. I am confident you will be equally pleased.


With the commitment and loyalty of my wonderful clients, I plan to continue spreading wellness, love and care through Emm Daniel.

Emm Daniel
Homemade with 
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
No Preservatives
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