Asian Soup

1. Stir chopped onions with EVOO

2. Add minced garlic

3. Wash and cut veggies of your choice in different shapes and sizes: I used: carrot, zucchini, potato, asparagus, bean sprouts, silik (or any green leaves) and tomato

4. start adding the veggies to the pot starting with the ones that need the most cooking

5. And of course don’t forget to grate fresh ginger & turmeric - as I do to ALL my recipes 😜

6. Stir the veggies for few minutes and then add few cups of water

7. And now comes the exciting part ... what I love most ... the secret ingredient 🤫 add 2 big spoons of Emm Daniel’s yummy celery pesto

Et voila our ‘ASIAN STYLE SOUP’

Asian Soup

100% healthy WITH the amazing taste!

till September

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